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Weekendcamp on field of interest for Scouts

A well-structured activity badges system for scouts consists of basic skills and more experienced activity badges for the specialist. A good team of scouts leaders is expected to possess all knowledge of the basic techniques for themselves and will be able to transfer that knowledge to the scouts. If designed well the system of expert badges offers much more variety, well beyond the areas of interest which are present in a reasonably good team of leaders. One would be able to address this dilemma by organizing a special weekend for scouts where the expert badges are treated by specialists.

Weekendcamp on field of interest for Scouts

The setup

Weekend camps are organized, centred at various spots around the country, each on the subject of just one expert badge. During the camp all aspects of the expert badge are covered. In addition, there is time to get to know other scouts and time for socializing around the campfire. At the end of the camp each participant should have met the requirements of the expert badge and goes back home with this badge. In the Netherlands this is the case during the HIT (Hikes, Activities on matter of Intrested and Survival Activities).

Included in the programme

The program includes various activities:

  • Hikes: For those who love hikes. Some you can be like a refresher courses of the basic techniques. Some are really for advanced scouts who do love hiking very much.
  • Activities based on matter of Interest: Weekends around a particular theme, often an expert badge from the range of badges.
  • Survival Activities: Survival activities, primitive as possible, especially for the ones who love them.


Scouting Values

  • Expanding scouting skills: Having the opportunity to explore one of the expert badges, led by people who understand that specific topic. Where your own leaders sould spend much effort, these specialists, leaders of other scouting troops, can explain all about it to you with ease. Just because they enjoy it themselfs, or beacause they are good at it due to hobby or work experience. That way you will supplement the programme ones own group has on offer and extend it even further with expert knowledge.
  • Look beyond the boundaries of your own scoutingtroop: Meet scouts from other groups from other places in the country and get to know them and their way of scouting even better.
  • Liven the scouting campsites: A scouting campsite is used intensively during the weekend or long weekend of activity badges camps: just where it is intended for. An additional advantage is that members leave home with pleasant memories of the weekend and the place, if it all goes according to plan. In the end they just 'have a thing about' the terrain. Only if members have a thing about the site and occasionally the place and memories do live on in their thoughts, the site is appreciated as valuable and retained as camping and training center for future generations.
  • A public relations moment: A lot of different activities together and experts present, who like to transfer that kind of knowledge. A scouting terrain buzzing of activity. Just the right mix to show people around and tell them about Scouting.



  • Finding leaders with expertise, for example, an radio amateur or a survival expert who like to organize an extra weekend per year.
  • Finding the right balance: the weekend is the most fun when knowledge about the expert badge is interspersed with activities that members are already accustomed to at their own troop, like a campfire. You will notice, scouting is recognizable, but always different then at your own troop. Joining this sort of activity can thus enrich when you are as a member: back at your own troop one can -for example- present a nice encore to a campfire.
  • The promotion and support within the groups of this activity.


On the internet

The Dutch scouts hold each year at Easter an activity badge weekend. Who wants to visit the website click the link below:


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