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Laundry line Cubs and Brownies district activity

A district game is always a fun way to get to know Scouts from other troops. The laundry line activity is the most simple and easy way to keep a large number of participants busy during a district meeting. On this page you can find more information on the setup and aspects of the laundry line district activity.

Laundry line Scouting Activity for Cubs and Brownies

Global setup:

The laundry line district game consists of an opening round of games, a lemonade break, another round games and a closing ceremony. During the opening it becomes clear in a play what kind of the theme of the district game has and what kind of problem needs to be solved. Afterwards there'll follow two blocks of activities separated by a lemonade break. At the end of the afernoon the solution of the problem is found during the closing ceremony. After that everyone will return home satisfied and exhausted.

Conduct of the activity:

The laundry line game has an opening, the activities themselves and a closing ceremony.

The opening ceremony

Everyone gathers at a central location. Everyone tries to be present 10 minutes before the start of the activity is scheduled. Those whom are already present can participate in singing songs to spend the time left until the district game is about to begin. Through a short play about 5 minutes it becomes clear what the central theme is and what kind of problem there is to be solved during the activities of the afternoon and everyone is invited to help solve the problem present.

The activities

One leader of each group is expected to help out building up the district-game-afternoon. The rest travels along with youth members. They check in at the registration desk and deliver two or more A4 pages with a number and a game description. They also report how many children they'll join the afternoon exactly (an estimate has been passed on during the preparations). If necessary a plastic bag with the game materials and the number of the activity is handed over too.
Between a pair of trees a rope is fastened. With clothespins all descriptions of the activities are hung on the clothesline, see the drawing. The bags with material for the activities are laid on the ground at the right number on the line.
Hereafter you can search a place a bit away from the clothesline and the game can be played. You can work with two different colors of numbers. The green to play only one game and the yellow with the black digit to find another group and play the game together. This way you'll get to know the members from other groups better. There are more games than there are groups at the district afternoon and there are more games than can be played during the time of the district activity is scheduled. So you can always choose the ones you like the best ones and you do not have to wait long for the next round of game.
Halfway there is a lemonade break. With every game you'll finish one can find a clue to the solution of the problem presented during the opening, so: who can tell the solution in advance?

The closing ceremony

During the closing ceremony a short play deals with the solution of the problem of the game afternoon. Afterwards each group will receive a souvenir and everyone can return home, just the clean-up crew remains.

The games:

For the activity, a large number of simple games is required. Games you can play in groups of about 8 children. There are games one can play against members of other groups too. In that case the number of participants needs te be about 15 and the games need to be labeld with a different color number.
It's nice when the setup of the story in the game refers to the story of the opening of the game day.

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