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GB For international visitors the Scouting Program Site (SPS) has a little surprise. Some thoughts and tips on program and program development and program suggestions for troop level and above.

Wide range of games

To improve the quality of Scouting at group level, the Scouting Program Site (SPS) provides a wide range of games for leaders of the youngest age groups.
Different properties and personalities of members each require their own attention and a unique approach; so many members, so many favorite games. So having a large library of games is important for the improvement of the quality of the program. Having a library to consult quickly relieves the leadership too of much research work. For this reason time remains to improve other things. That time gain sometimes benefits the quality of the program, or contributes to the number of leaders just because the preparations take less time. Less time for a good scouts programme means more members do feel invited to leadership and become a succesfull leader.

Hence the Dutch version offers a long list of games. Below a link to a brief summary of the scout games collection.


District level games for Cubs and Brownies

Something to share with leaders at district and national level form abroad are the dutch district level games for Cubs and Brownies. Once or twice a year the youngest agegroups will join at district level to experience a common afternoon full of joy and excitement.
During a district meeting for Cubs and Brownies gettting aquainted with members of other troops in the district is point of focus. During the opening session a certain kind of problem unfolds and ofcorse a solution has to be found soon. Most activities done during the afternoon deliver pieces that will finaly lead the trail to the solution. Halfway there is a moment of rest with limonade. At the end of the afternoon everybody gethers again en mostly there is enjoyment once the solution is finaly found.

Scouting values:

  • Meet other scouts: Some activities are meant for just one small group of cubs or brownies from ones own troop. These have the special purpose of supporting everyone who still has to get acquianted to district games. Other activities are to be performed with two groups and one meets and gets introduced to members of other cub of brownie-troops. Like this one meets new friends, or one discovers that people from school have joined other scout troops. One sometimes learns about the culture and scouts traditions of other troops too.
  • Public relations value: Many scouts on a visible location in town shows the scouts are active in the district and invites to join.
  • Line of personal progression: Although one has some fear to join the district games at the start of a cub or brownie carrier; one soon gets to know each other and members of other troops nearby, if only by name, too. At the next age group, the scouts, one could join activities at national level, like activities in area of interest; during a scouts camp of three days one scouts badge is central and one could -if desired- make new friends with scouts from all over the country and keep in touch. At the scouts and roves one could finaly join activities like the World Jamboree and meet scouts from all over the globe.
  • Forge the leadership within the district: Work together on a project and great results obtained moreish and do support the organisation structure at district (and national) level. The district will benefit especialy when a district game is succeded by a BBQ of small party for all the leaders of the troops of the district. This social structure will support and propagate the district level and it's organisation inwards and outwards.

More than enough cause to discover in what way a district game for cubs and brownies could be arranged at a location near you soon.

Towards Worldwide adventure for Scouts


Organizational tips

Much effort and resources of the scouts movement and some scouts troops is lost in organizational matters, so benefits will arise with ease.
All leaders, visiting a district meeting, are asked to bring their best programs of the past year, summarized on one A4 sheet. "Invest in us and get flow in return" is what this principle is called. We do appreciate that you do show interest in the district: in return one can expect an helpfull boost or flow. Playing a game after the break so you become familiar with the program hits of all groups in the region in the past year means you earn the time you've put in the district and the meeting back twice over while having fun and ease assembling a good program your youthmembers deserve.

Hence below some organizational tips:


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